Apple Mailing List archives are unavailable

Number:rdar://10407495 Date Originated:11/7/11
Status:open Resolved:
Product:other Product Version:n/a
Classification:other bug Reproducible:always
Archives of Apple's mailing lists are unavailable

Steps to Reproduce:
Use Safari to visit the archive of any Apple mailing list hosted at, such as

Expected Results:
The archive is browsable, organized by year, month, and message or thread

Actual Results:
"Archives are currently disabled. If you require urgent access to the Archives, please contact with the subject "ARCHIVES"."


For some Apple products and SDKs, the mailing lists offer a crucial collection of information that is not available in any other form.  The loss of the Core Audio list, an API whose quirks and proper usage have never been adequately documented, is particularly devastating.


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