Game Center reporting incorrect dates in lastTurnDate

Number:rdar://10660917 Date Originated:1/8/12
Status:Closed Resolved:7/26/12
Product:iOS Product Version:5.01
Classification:Other Bug Reproducible:Always
  When checking the lastTurnDate on a participant in Game Kit Turn Based Match, the date reported is sometimes incorrect. 

Steps to Reproduce:
  Play a bunch of game center matches, and keep an eye on lastTurnDate. I've not yet found a reliable way to reproduce this, but we're attempting to do it with some sample code.

Expected Results:
  lastTurnDate should be the date the player last made a move. It should DEFINITELY be later than the creation date of the game. 

Actual Results:
   In the sample out put below (cut and pasted from the terminal while playing a game in the sandbox), the creation date is January 8th, but one of the players has a lastTurnDate of January 3rd. 

(gdb) po [match valueForKey: @"creationDate"]
2012-01-08 20:08:38 +0000
(gdb) po match
<GKTurnBasedMatch 20ca30	id:37f56178-1550-43e8-b228-db3ba8a80180 status:Open message:D: iPhone 4 for Ben Played SLID for 6 taken:2012-01-08 21:07:33 +0000 created:2012-01-08 20:08:38 +0000
current:<GKTurnBasedParticipant 207650 - id:G:1178460943 (local player) status:Active outcome:None lastTurn:2012-01-08 21:07:33 +0000>
		<GKTurnBasedParticipant 210360 - id:G:616910683 status:Active outcome:None lastTurn:2012-01-03 21:10:32 +0000>
		<GKTurnBasedParticipant 207650 - id:G:1178460943 (local player) status:Active outcome:None lastTurn:2012-01-08 21:07:33 +0000>

08-Jan-2012 03:39 PM Ben Gottlieb:
it looks like Game Center is using the device's time to store this value, not server time. This means, that if the devices are not perfectly in-sync, this value is not usable.


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