Please restore "Do not re-sign" when exporting Xcode archives for distribution

Number:rdar://10952383 Date Originated:2/28/2011
Status:Open Resolved:19-Apr-2012
Product:Developer Tools Product Version:4.3
Classification:UI/Usability Reproducible:always
28-Feb-2012 10:44 PM Nathaniel Irons:
Summary: Prior to Xcode 4.3, when exporting an archived iOS build for ad-hoc distribution, there was an option not to re-sign the resulting .ipa file. This allowed us to reliably keep the signing identity used for a particular build under version control.

In Xcode 4.3, one is forced to select a signing identity and re-sign the app after it has already been signed once at build time. This morning, Xcode defaulted to a development profile instead of the intended distribution profile, I missed it, and I wasted well over an hour figuring out why I was suddenly getting "signed with invalid entitlements" installation failures.

Removing the option not to re-sign introduces an additional point of failure into a process that is complicated enough already.

At a minimum, Xcode should default to re-signing with the same signing identity used to create the original build, and not to the first profile whose bundle ID matches.


Fixed in Xcode 4.4.

Duped as rdar://10964851

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