Xcode syntax highlighting and codesense die randomly

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29-Feb-2012 12:10 PM Doug Russell:
Summary: Several times a day, without any connecting events, my code stops highlighting and my code sense stops offering completions. If I delete derived data it usually starts working again, but sometimes I have to restart xcode.

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24-Apr-2012 03:45 PM Apple Developer Bug Reporting Team :
Engineering has provided the following information:

We believe this issue has been addressed in the latest Xcode 4.3.2 release.  Please verify with this release, and update your bug report with the results.  

Xcode 4.3.2
Build: 4E2002 (for Lion)
Posted Date:  March 22, 2012

24-Apr-2012 03:51 PM Doug Russell:
This is absolutely still happening in xcode 4.3.2. 

I've been running xcode with clang logging on and it's constantly barfing out errors that aren't causing any warnings in the project, don't prevent me from building but do cause indexing to fail.

The mismatch between what causes a warning or error in the compiler and what causes indexing to fail makes figuring out what is wrong incredibly frustrating.

(logging: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2138047/xcode-code-loses-syntax-coloring)


Duped as rdar://10964877

Product: Dev tools. Version 4.3. Classification: Performance. Reproducible: Sometimes.

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