Make 3rd party issues in radar searchable by outside developers

Number:rdar://10956077 Date Originated:02/29/2012
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:Bug Reporter Product Version:N/A
Classification:Enhancement Reproducible:Always
External developers should have the ability to search tickets opened by other external developers. We have, by definition, all agreed to our various NDAs and the radar infrastructure has the built-in permissions capability to separate out reports filed by people inside and outside of Apple. There is no risk of exposing proprietary information to the external development community.

This would be very helpful in assisting developers in getting a sense of how widespread the issue is, plus the ability to hunt for workarounds posted by DTS to individual tickets, as well as the ability to see if there is sample code available addressing the issue (this would be invaluable in helping steer DTS towards reports with enough information to help them resolve the issue).

Steps to Reproduce:
Log onto bug with a valid developer account.

Expected Results:
Search field

Actual Results:
No search field


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