Document search in Xcode is *glacial*

Number:rdar://10956403 Date Originated:02/29/2012
Status:Open Resolved:N/A
Product:iPhone SDK Product Version:4.4
Classification:Performance Reproducible:Always
Term searches in Xcode 4.x are painfully slow, so much so that I routinely look for the symbol of interest and option-click on it for a direct lookup instead of using the search field in the Organizer's Documentation view.

Steps to Reproduce:
Launch Xcode
Go to the Organizer
Click on Documentation
Attempt to enter a simple search term, such as NSString

Expected Results:
Search results responsively appear in the search results area below the search field.

Actual Results:
Xcode immediately beach balls for about 12 seconds and only shows "NS"
Entire app is locked up during the search
Search results eventually appear



It's always been snappy for me (say, often 2-3s, most ever like 8s). Do you have an SSD?

Duped as rdar://10965002

Duped as rdar://10964841

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