All binaries compiled on 10.8 segfault on <10.8

Number:rdar://11022559 Date Originated:09-Mar-2012 06:43 PM
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:Mac OS X Product Version:10.8
Classification:Serious Bug Reproducible:Always
09-Mar-2012 06:43 PM Dylan Lukes:

Even simple binaries compiled with (as far as I've seen) any of Clang 3.0 (from LLVM), Clang 4.0 (from Apple XCode 4.4) and LLVM-gcc (from Apple XCode 4.4), all crash with a segmentation fault or bad instruction on 10.7, 10.6, etc..

I've attached a simple hello-world-type program as well as three binaries compiled with the three aforementioned compilers (w/ -g -O0) as well as the dSYM's for each respectively, and the assembly code my clang 3.0 outputs for the file. Hopefully that's helpful.

Steps to Reproduce:

Compile a binary on 10.8. Try to run the same binary on 10.7 or prior.

Expected Results:

It runs.

Actual Results:

It crashes.



The mentioned tests are mirrored at:


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