Allow void expressions to be evaluated in LLDB without printing <no result>

Number:rdar://11225022 Date Originated:11-Apr-2012 02:01 PM
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Product:Developer Tools Product Version:4.3.2 (1177)
Classification:Enhancement Reproducible:Yes
I use continuing breakpoints & breakpoint actions to define & call functions at runtime to aid debugging.

For example, rather than inserting a call to NSLog(), recompiling & relaunching my application, I'll simply add a breakpoint with a debugger command action, and use LLDB's `expr` command to call NSLog().

This works well, however LLDB's `expr` command expects a return value for the expression so that it can be printed according to the format defined by the `--format` flag. If your evaluation has a `void` return value, "<no result> is displayed in the debugger output.

There should be an option (perhaps a new `--format` value) which suppresses the ClangUserExpression::kNoResult error.

Steps to Reproduce:

Call a void function in an expression.

Expected Results:

Expression is evaluated, nothing is displayed in the debugger console.

Actual Results:

Expression is evaluated, "<no reesult>" is displayed in the debugger console.






Great news

I just got a message from ADR saying this has been addressed in the next major point release of Xcode. Huzzah!

Duped as rdar://11225150

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