iOS 6 Software update release notes url is incorrect (and not a link)

Number:rdar://11753770 Date Originated:26-Jun-2012 04:23 PM
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:iOS / iPad Product Version:iOS 6 beta 1
Classification: Reproducible:
When downloading the update for iOS 6 beta 2 using over-the-air update there is a url which is provided. This url is displayed like it is a link (blue & underlined) but it cannot be tapped to open the url.

Also, the url which is provided is Trying to visit that url gives you a page not found error.

Steps to Reproduce:
On a device running iOS 6 beta 1. Use over-the-air updating to download the update for beta 2. While it's downloading try to tap the url that is displayed. Safari doesn't open.
Copy and paste the url into safari manually and you will get a page not found error.

Expected Results:
1. Tapping the url should open Safari and go the the url.
2. The url should actually be the release notes.

Actual Results:
1. Tapping the url doesn't open Safari.
2. The url doesn't actually provide the release notes. (Page not found)

This occurs on an iPad (3rd gen) running iOS6 beta 1. It is unknown if this has ever worked for previous updates.

I've included a screenshot showing how the url is displayed.


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