iTunes 11 allows sleep when streaming to Home Share

Number:rdar://12791690 Date Originated:1/12/2012
Status:Duplicate/12788480 Resolved:
Product:iTunes Product Version:11.0/163
Classification:Serious Reproducible:Always
01-Dec-2012 02:50 PM David Angier:
Summary: iTunes allows Mac OS X to sleep when streaming content via Home Share

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Set up Home Share on iTunes
2. Set up Home Share on an iOS device or Apple TV
3. Start viewing any content, such as a Movie from the remote device
4. Ensure power saving settings on Mac OS X allow sleep after a reasonable period
5. Wait for the reasonable period

Expected Results:
1. Streaming continues past the period set in power savings options

Actual Results:
1. The Mac goes to sleep, and streaming is interrupts on the remote device

1. This works perfectly on iTune 10.7

Run "pmset -g assertions" in the terminal during the test.  On iTunes 10.7 "PreventUserIdleSystemSleep" is set to 1.  On iTunes 11.0 it is set to 0.


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