API Request : ability to add Custom KVC Collection Operators

Number:rdar://13188137 Date Originated:2013-02-10
Status:Duplicate/7163422/Open Resolved:2013-02-16
Product:Developer Tools Product Version:4.6
Classification:Feature (New) Reproducible:Not applicable
There are currently exactly 10 KVC Collection operators : 
* @count,
* @sum,
* @avg,
* @min,
* @max,
* @unionOfObjects,
* @distinctUnionOfObjects,
* @distinctUnionOfArrays,
* @distinctUnionOfSets,

The docs about KVC Collection Operators clearly states that there is currently no API to add custom operators.  It's in fact very possible, by adding methods named "_<operator>ForKeyPath:" to NSArray (or NSSet).

There are many scenarii where this feature would benefit greatly. I wish Apple would provide a real API for this.

(Note : I wrote about it recently,  on http://bou.io/KVCCustomOperators.html)


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