UIApplicationIsOpaque Should Be Public

Number:rdar://15102396 Date Originated:9/27/13
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Product:iOS SDK Product Version:7.0
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iOS 7 is a layered UI. People expect what’s-behind — the user’s wallpaper, in some cases — to show through.

Apple reinforces that expectation by showing the wallpaper in Apple apps.

But developers can’t use this same feature, which means they can’t use one of the expected techniques to make their apps iOS-7-like.

I could understand were it a security issue, but transparent apps do not have a way of taking a screenshot of the wallpaper. They can show it, but they can’t get it.

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Open an iOS app project.

2. Set UIApplicationIsOpaque to NO in Info.plist.

3. Try to upload it from a non-Apple developer account.

4. The validator will reject the app for using the UIApplicationIsOpaque key.

Expected Results:

That UIApplicationIsOpaque is public and allowed.

Actual Results:

Not allowed.


iOS 7, Xcode 5


Duped as rdar://15982227

duped rdar://15125448

Duplicate of rdar://13701160 (Open)

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