Swift needs something to replace the preprocessor

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Product:Developer Tools Product Version:Xcode 6 Beta 1 (6A215l)
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I think there needs to be something to replace the preprocessor we have in Objective-C.

There seems to be no way to create macros in Swift. For example, in Objective-C we would add this to our .pch file:

#define DLog(...) NSLog(@"%s(%p) %@", __PRETTY_FUNCTION__, self, [NSString stringWithFormat:__VA_ARGS__])

Then in our methods, call:

DLog(@"Something happened");

The preprocessor would substitute the above define into the code, so that the __PRETTY_FUNCTION__ would contain the correct function information. Swift has __FUNCTION__, __LINE__, __FILE__ but no way for us to use them indirectly in our debug logging calls.

It would also be great if __FUNCTION__ or __PRETTY_FUNCTION__ gave us the unmangled function name.

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Xcode 6 Beta 1 (6A215l)





I've found a workaround to part of this problem. By setting FUNCTION as a default value in a function parameter, we're able to get the correct value. See a library I've released using this here: https://github.com/DaveWoodCom/XCGLogger

A preprocessor would still be a handy tool though.

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