When PDFView is messaged -goToDestination:, a PDFMatteView inside it is sent an unrecognized selector (_insetVisibleRect, intended for a clip view?)

Number:rdar://18062171 Date Originated:19/8/2014
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:OSX Product Version:10.10 DP 6
Classification: Reproducible:1
A crash occurs (or at least an exception is thrown) when a PDFView is messaged to -goToDestination: .

Class-dumping PDFKit.framework and AppKit.framework shows that _insetVisibleRect is a private API in NSClipView, and indeed not a symbol of anything PDFKit related. Perhaps a clip view of a scroll view is sent a message that's been intended for the matte view?

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Set the document of a PDF view.
2. Navigate the PDF view using -goToDestination: to a new location.

Expected Results:
Successfully navigated the PDF view.

Actual Results:
A crash (an exception thrown).

OSX 10.10 Developer Preview 6

An example program demonstrating the steps to reproduce the bug is attached as a ZIP.

Issue appears with simply a PDF view that's added to an otherwise blank view in an otherwise blank window. Issue appears not to be related to whether the PDF view is layer backed or not, nor to use of autolayout in the view.

Crash also appears to be specific to navigating with -goToDestination: -- no crash occurs if -goToPage: is used to navigate the document instead.

'PDFViewDestinationBorkProof.zip' was successfully uploaded.


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