SFSafariViewController needs more customisation

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Consider following workflow:
1. User opens url in app
2. App displays URL in SFSafariView controller
3. App wants to give user custom actions for url e.g. "Like" or "Bookmark"

Currently this is only possible using UIActivity and activities. This approach has major downside: functionality is buried into activities menu and hardly accessible to user.

To expose functionality directly to user one would need to use WKWebView and create custom window chrome around it. This approach has another downsides: system content blockers are not available in WKWebView and creating good browser chrome would require some effort. Making WKWebView-based browsing on par with SFSafariViewController is hard.

Having above context, it would be nice to have:
• Ability to add custom toolbar button to SFSafariViewController, 1 or 2 would be suffice
• System content blockers in WKWebView


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