UIBarButtonItem with animated image doesn't respect tint color

Number:rdar://23794402 Date Originated:07-Dec-2015
Status:Duplicate/15436883 Resolved:26-Jul-2016
Product:iOS SDK Product Version:9.1
Classification: Reproducible:
A UIBarButtonItem with the image set to an animated image doesn't respect the tint color.

Steps to Reproduce:
When implementing the code below, and all images being set to render as template images in the asset catalog, the animation still uses the images original color.

UIImage *imageSequence = [UIImage animatedImageWithImages:@[
[UIImage imageNamed:@"frame1"],
[UIImage imageNamed:@"frame2"],
[UIImage imageNamed:@"frame3"]
] duration:0.4];

myBarButtonItem.image = imageSequence;

Expected Results:
The animating bar button item should be drawn using the tint color.

Actual Results:
The animating bar button item does not respect the tint color.

iOS 9.1, Xcode 7.1.1


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