OSSpinLock lies, no safe spinlock available to third parties on iOS

Number:rdar://23896366 Date Originated:12/14/2015
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:iOS SDK Product Version:
Classification:Serious Bug Reproducible:
According to John McCall, spinlocks are illegal on iOS because iOS does not guarantee progress in the face of priority inversion. Greg Parker says there is a spinlock algorithm that works but requires a full word of storage. OSSpinLock is an int32_t, and is documented as being "immune to most priority-inversion livelocks", but when asked, Greg Parker says that OSSpinLock is not safe on iOS (unless all users have the same priority).


This comes as a surprise, because it's documented as being safe, and there's no other spinlock provided by the system. I've written code using spinlocks that use OSSpinLock under the assumption that it's safe, and I assume plenty of other people have done this too.

To that end, there really should be a spinlock implementation that's safe to use on iOS and is provided on the system and made available to third-party devs. By not providing such an implementation, third-party software will continue to use spinlocks that aren't safe (and for that matter I bet there's a fair amount of first-party software that's using OSSpinLock).


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