UIBarButtonItem Icons Disappear On Focus

Number:rdar://24363732 Date Originated:01/27/2016
Status:Duplicate of 23281319 Resolved:No
Product:tvOS SDK Product Version:9.1
Classification:UI Reproducible:Yes
When you focus on a UIBarButtonItem that is an icon, even a system provided one such as Compose, the white icon disappears into the white background of the button. This is in contrast to text based UIBarButtonItems where the text changes colour to black on focus. Sample project attached.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Create a UIBarButtonItem from an image or a system provided button item that uses an icon (e.g. Compose).
2. Run the app and focus on the button.

Expected Results:
The icon should change colour to black to continue to be visible against the white background on focus.

Actual Results:
The icon stays white and is no longer visible to the user.

Xcode 7.2


AppleTV Simulator tvOS 9.1

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