Showing Camera from the lock screen is difficult on large iPad Pro

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Lock Screen

On iOS 10 Camera can be shown by swiping on the lock screen. When holding a large iPad Pro at the sides, you have to reach really far into the screen to make the Camera appear, otherwise the screen bounces back. Swiping to the natural reach of my thumb never works, even if I swipe really hard.

Steps to Reproduce:
See attached video

1. Hold big iPad Pro in landscape on lock screen with hands on each side like a steering wheel.
2. Swipe in with your right thumb. Don’t stretch your thumb beyond its natural range. This is obviously more reproducible for people with shorter thumbs.

Expected Results:
The lock screen should slide over to show the Camera without undue stretching or physical force.

Actual Results:
The lock screen bounces back. I have to stretch my thumb uncomfortably far to show Camera.

iOS 10.0 (14A5345a)

Generally I feel like to push to UIKit Dynamics is ignoring all the work done on paging UIScrollViews, which feel great and don’t have these problems because the physics parameters have already been tuned and work well.

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