TestFlight: 0 installation 0 session 0 panne… ‘zero’ requires plural in french. I should say "0 installations".

Number:rdar://29575136 Date Originated:2016-12-08
Status:Closed Resolved:2017-01-09
Product:iTunes Connect Product Version:n/a
Classification:UI/Usabiblity Reproducible:Always
See https://twitter.com/stuffmc/status/806850982911111168


Amazing Explanation from Apple (Hint: I was wrong)

Not really a loc issue as in this case “0” is a numeral adjective and means “None” (Aucun/Aucune). The substantive following the numeral adjective “0” would be in its plural form if this substantive only exists in a plural form (e.g. “frais”, “représailles”, etc.). This does not apply to this specific case. As a result, “0 installation”, “0 session”, etc. in French is grammatically correct.


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