Ability to disable Messages application badge per message thread/group and contact

Number:rdar://29878386 Date Originated:2017-01-04
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:iOS Product Version:10.2
Classification:Enhancement Reproducible:Always

There are certain persistent iMessage threads I participate in that are more akin to a discussion group. As such a notification badge on the Messages application on iOS home screen is never really desired for these threads. They are message threads that I periodically check in on when I have time at my leisure. They are never urgent in their nature. Message badges denote a certain level of urgency - which is generally useful and understood. For these threads though they are a bit of a distraction.

It would be nice if there was a per message thread/group and per contact setting to disable badging on the application home screen of iOS Messages app.

Muting a thread doesn't suffice in this case, this feature in some sense is a logical controlled extension of mute.

There exists already the ability to disable read receipts per contact in Messages. So there is some historical precedent for per object preferences in Messages. Additionally Mail allows very discrete controls around badging per account/mailbox/etc. This request I feel would be in line with that thinking.

I should mention that I am fine w the count incrementing on these in the messages list itself. At that point you are already in the Messages application itself.

Thank you.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Receive a message to a persistent leisure based non urgent iMessage thread.

Expected Results:
- I utilize an as yet to be implemented feature that allows me to disable badging on these threads/groups (or contacts).

Actual Results:
- All day long as this thread receives messages it badges the application. None of the messages are urgent so I don't care.
- This badge prevents me from knowing whether more important messages that require urgent response actually have been received without having to launch Messages to see what group/contact has sent a message.
- These threads are muted but muting doesn't suppress badge count.

iPhone 7 / 10.2 / macOS Sierra


iPhone 7 / 10.2 / macOS Sierra



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