Xcode needs a "collect all pertinent information" button to ease bug reporting when Xcode vomits on itself

Number:rdar://29884107 Date Originated:1/5/2017
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:Developer Tools Product Version:Any
Classification:Enhancement Reproducible:N/A
Over the summer I filed > 70 Xcode bug reports with video evidence of misbehavior and sample projects (c.f. rdar://22524679).  Since then I've gotten some radar comments to the effect of "we can't repro this, can you send us more information" _months_ after the fact. Since then I've upgraded Xcode a couple of times, and also nuked and paved my OS in the hopes of getting Xcode to behave well by having a fresh start. (spoiler: it didn't help)

I would love to have a button I can push that would gather all of the stuff you might want, at the exact time Xcode went nuts, so that when there's delay, you have all the information you need without me having to rewind my life (for free - we're volunteers out here after all).  Much of the time getting this information will be impossible.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Xcode vomits itself (happens regularly for me.  Follow @borkware on twitter for a flavor of what I find, or the #ilyxc hashtag, as well as rdar://22524679.  I'm not really angry enough right now to go on another radar binge this time.)

Expected Results:
2. I click a button that gathers pertinent information (build folder contents, index, user defaults settings, project settings, etc).
3. I file a radar and include the additional pertinent information 

Actual Results:
2. I send in the the project and video evidence.  Months later I get a question that I can't answer because time has moved on.






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