Add an easy & timely way to disable app-specific notifications

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App notifications aren't always welcome. They can be downright annoying. When an app shows a local or push notification on your device, that would be the perfect time for a user to be able to disable them...right?

A quick, on-notification, way to disable app notifications should be added to iOS (and OS X while we're at it). A simple swipe action on the notification could expose a button that would allow the user to kill local and/or push notifications from that app.

Steps to Reproduce:
1) Get a notification
2) Try to turn them off quickly & intuitively
3) Be frustrated 

Expected Results:
1) See a notification from an app you don't want
2) Swipe right
3) See the cool "turn off local/push notifications" button
4) Push button
5) Never be bugged again on that device from that app
6) Pour an adult beverage & be happy with life

Actual Results:
I can't currently disable notifications when a notification occurs.

All iOS versions

Local and push notifications should both be easily disabled. You can have the ability to turn them back on in Settings/Notifications.

All iOS devices



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