iOS 10.2 (14C92): naming of UITableViewCellStyle is too vague

Number:rdar://29899456 Date Originated:06-Jan-2017
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:iOS + SDK Product Version:iOS 10.2 (14C92)
Classification: Reproducible:Always

UITableViewCellStyle is an enum in UITableViewCell in UIKit. Two of its values are not properly named.

Steps to Reproduce:
create a UITableViewCell with a style other than the default. 
Look at the available options. 
Find this in the topmost part of UITableViewCell.h:

public enum UITableViewCellStyle : Int {

    case `default` // Simple cell with text label and optional image view (behavior of UITableViewCell in iPhoneOS 2.x)

    case value1 // Left aligned label on left and right aligned label on right with blue text (Used in Settings)

    case value2 // Right aligned label on left with blue text and left aligned label on right (Used in Phone/Contacts)

    case subtitle // Left aligned label on top and left aligned label on bottom with gray text (Used in iPod).

Expected Results:
I’d expect the second and third option to have proper names, like “leftAligned” and “rightAligned” or something like that.

Actual Results:
My code now looks like this:
UITableViewCell(style: .value1, reuseIdentifier: “myWonderfullCell")
And I have to either comment or click through to later know what this specific style is about.





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