Apple Search Ads: Developers should be able to add their Apple Affiliate ID/campaign name to App Store search ads

Number:rdar://29917843 Date Originated:08-Jan-2017
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:App Store Product Version:
Classification:Enhancement Reproducible:
At the moment Apple search ads for App Store does not provide any mechanism to get information on free-to-paid conversion for freemium apps that have been downloaded via App Store search ad. Existing reporting in Apple Search ads interface provides information only about conversions (aka app downloads) and there's not a mechanism to track further sales for paid features for freemium apps. 

It could be solved by allowing to specify developer Apple Affiliate publisher ID and custom campaign name in the Apple Search Ads user profile (or at campaign setup). If affiliate publisher id is specified, Apple Search ads includes publisher and campaign parameter in the link to the app page in the App Store.

It would help Apple Search Ads to be a more competitive to other ad platforms (Google, Facebook) and would bring most essential information to developers while still protecting end user privacy and using existing App Store/iTunes infrastructure.


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