The Activity app can't handle travel over the International Dateline

Number:rdar://30785069 Date Originated:
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:watchOS + SDK Product Version:3.1.3 (14S960)
Classification:Serious Bug Reproducible:Always
The activity app reports erroneous information and breaks streaks when you travel by air over the International Dateline.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. During the day, meet your Move, Exercise, and Stand goals.

2. Board flight AA 7163 from LAX to NAN at 10:30 PM

3. Cross international dateline during the night

4. Arrive in Fiji the next morning at 6:00 AM, but two days after you left California.

5. During the day, meet your Move, Exercise, and Stand goals.

Expected Results:
My move streak (379 days) should be intact. I should also see accurate results for my activity.

You're measuring my body, not some arbitrary position and point in time.

Actual Results:
There is no way to meet your goals for the day you missed. And that breaks streaks.

Additionally, you’ll see anomalous things in the Activity app:

• Bars for movement that don’t match the number of minutes reported.
• Bars for exercise, but zero minutes reported.
• Bars for standing, but zero minutes reported.
• Achievements for things you didn’t achieve.

3.1.3 (14S960)

Things are just as exciting when you return and gain an extra day. My favorite is standing for 24 hours even though 13 bars are shown. (I slept on the plane, so I know there were many hours without standing.)




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