Provide an API to post bug reports

Number:rdar://31677980 Date Originated:22-Feb-2017 05:40 PM
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Product:Bug Reporter Product Version:n/a
Classification:Suggestion Reproducible:not applicable
I love and use the QuickRadar ( app for Mac to post bug reports. It's much more convenient than any web app can ever be (auto login, automatic cross posting to OpenRadar, Twitter posting). However, it has to use web scraping which is obviously bad and prone to fail whenever the web UI changes.

So please provide a REST API similar to the iTunes Connect reports download API allowing to post a radar. Other features of Bug Reporter such as searching for radars and reading and posting comments would be nice to have but definitely not critical.

I'm in the Bug Reporter beta and I appreciate your putting effort into Bug Reporter. But I can't help and think your resources would be spent more effectively by providing a solid API that lets us (the community) build a native app! It would be in Apple's own interest to lower the barrier to report bugs and an API would be a very effective way to accomplish this.

I'm a contributor for QuickRadar and I'm sure the original developer would love to implement API support in it. If not, I'd offer to volunteer.


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