Opening a Storyboard results in a crash

Number:rdar://32115362 Date Originated:10-May-2017 02:09 PM
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:Developer Tools Product Version:
Classification: Reproducible:
This error appeared in Xcode when trying to open a storyboard that my colleagues had been working on. I have no idea how it happened, or why.

Steps to Reproduce:
An Xcode restart seems to have cleared up the problem.

Expected Results:
IB to show me my storyboard

Actual Results:
IB only shows wireframes of my views, and asks me to submit this bug report.

Xcode 8.3.2
macOS 10.12.4 (16E195)

I'm not sure what to say about this. Xcode asked me to send the attached documents. I had just checked the project out of git.

I restarted Xcode, did a clean, and everything seems to be ok now. 

It's only occurred once. The Xcode project uses Cocoapods, so it's an .xcworkspace, with .xcodeproj files for both the Pods, and the project itself.

All the storyboards have some IBDesignable views, if that's relevant.

'' was successfully uploaded.


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