CoreML models not available to download remotely

Number:rdar://32664536 Date Originated:08/06/2017
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Product:iOS 11 SDK - CoreML Product Version:iOS 11 SDK Beta 1
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Currently CoreML models need to be processed by Xcode at compile-time to generate the code interface and build the optimized version. 

If the model is big, the app download will be as well. This might prevent some apps from including big models even if that would improve the UX for the user. If the models were available to download at a later time (possibly through the existing OnDemand system) it would allow more apps to use CoreML models.

Another plus from having remotely downloadable models is that the training can be done regularly on the 3rd party backend, and models updated remotely without having to submit an update to App Store.

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Fixed in latest beta - MLMode.compileModel()

The latest beta provides a class method on MLModel that lets you compile a .mlmodel file on device, without Xcode

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