Impossible to link outlet to custom protocol property in Xcode (Interface Builder)

Number:rdar://32813076 Date Originated:6/16/2017
Status:Closed Resolved:
Product:iOS+SDK UIKit Product Version:iOS 10.3
Classification:Suggestion Reproducible:Always
See steps to reproduce.

Steps to Reproduce:
In Xcode:
* Create a custom protocol:

@objc protocol FooBarDelegate {
    func foo(_ bar: Any)

* In a view (or view controller) add an outlet to the delegate:

@IBOutlet private weak var delegate: FooBarDelegate!

* Open the storyboard (or xib) and try to link the delegate property to any object.

Expected Results:
Ability to link the property to an object (same as any standard protocol like UIScrollViewDelegate, UITableViewDataSource, ...).

Observed Results:
No object is highlighted, impossible to link the property to an object.

Xcode 8.3 (iOS 10)
Xcode 9 (iOS 11)

Following this method works:

* Declare the delegate as an AnyObject - @IBOutlet var delegate: AnyObject!
* Connect the delegate in Interface Builder
* Change the outlet's type to your protocol, e.g. @IBOutlet var delegate: MyDelegate




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