Xcode 9 beta 3: Prefix operator '-' on Decimal value 0 gives NaN

Number:rdar://33311786 Date Originated:2017-07-14
Status:Closed Resolved:2017-07-21
Product:Xcode 9 Product Version:beta 3
Classification:Serious bug Reproducible:Always
In Xcode 9 beta 3, the prefix operator '-' on the Decimal value '0' returns NaN instead of the expected value '0'.
The infix operator '0 - 0' works correctly. In Xcode 8.3 both the infix and the prefix operators work as expected.

Steps to Reproduce:
Create a Playground in Xcode 9 beta 3 containing:
import Foundation
let zero: Decimal = 0

Expected Results:
I expect that the negated 0 is still 0

Observed Results:
The negated 0 is NaN

Xcode 9 beta 3


Created a pull request for a fix to the issue in swift-corelibs-foundation


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