CoreBluetooth missing a way to set a debugging breakpoint for solving "API MISUSE"

Number:rdar://33824812 Date Originated:10-Aug-2017 12:24
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:iOS + SDK Product Version:n/a
Classification:Enhancement Reproducible:Always
When (e.g.) scanning for peripherals on a `CBCentralManager` that is not powered-on one gets a warning in the console:

CoreBluetooth [API MISUSE]  can only accept commands while in the powered on state

There are in fact over a dozen of methods on `CBCentralManager`, `CBPeripheralManager`, `CBPeripheral` that emit these console warnings.

It would be much more useful if there was an internal method that one could place a breakpoint on for debugging, similar to how things work with malloc:

malloc: * error for object 0xc6a3970: pointer being freed was not allocated * set a breakpoint in malloc_error_break to debug.

Steps to Reproduce:
Use any of the Methods in CoreBluetooth while in an invalid state.

Expected Results:
Expect availability of breakpoint target.

Actual Results:




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