Too easy to accidentally delete Health data

Number:rdar://34350110 Date Originated:2017/09/09
Status:Closed Resolved:Yes 2020/08/04
Product:iOS + SDK Product Version:iOS 10+
Classification:Serious Reproducible:Always

When deleting an app from the phone that stores data in Health, the user is prompted with a dialog box that says "Health Data from 'app'" "You have data from 'app' in your Health data." With options "Keep", or "Delete".

There are a few problems with this. 
1) it's way too easy for someone to hit delete then lose months/years worth of health information. Data that is unrecoverable.
2) `Delete` is the default button. So when people don't read the dialog, and just accept the default, they lose everything!
3) There's no need to ask the user this. Just because they're deleting an app, it doesn't imply that they didn't like all the times they used the app, or want to delete all of their workouts/fitness etc info that accumulated with it. Most likely, they've just moved on to a newer app.
4) In cases where they may want to delete the data (much rarer case than wanting to keep it), they can always go into the Health App and delete from there.

This is worse than the 'Rate this app' as it's deleted from the phone.

Steps to Reproduce:
• Install any health related app
• Use it to store info to health (do a workout for example)
• Delete app
• See dialog, accept the default
• Lose your data
• Cry that you've now lost months or years worth of workouts, weight measurements, blood pressure readings etc

Expected Results:
App should delete and not destroy all the progress the user has made with the app.

Actual Results:
Often all that progress is accidentally lost.

At least iOS 10, 11 (Beta 10)


Fixed in iOS 14, beta 4!


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