Code never enters block of " stopRecording(handler: ((RPPreviewViewController?, Error?) -> Void)? = nil)" on iPad

Number:rdar://35401062 Date Originated:November 7 2017, 4:52 PM
Status:open Resolved:no
Product:Replaykit Product Version:Xcode 9.1, iOS 11.1
Classification: Reproducible:Yes
After finishing a screen recording using replay kit, on iPad (5th generation) running iOS 11.1 the "stopRecording" method never enters the handler block. This prevents us from saving the video and we loss access to the private container. This same method works fine on iPhone 7.

Xcode 9.1, complier targeting Swift 4, iPad (5th genoration) running iOS 11.1.


I'm having the same issue. It only happens sometimes.

Please, can you confirm if this issue is only happening on iPad, and it's working fine on iPhone?

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