Process's file descriptor table slot is being leaked

Number:rdar://36148377 Date Originated:12/20/2017
Status:open Resolved:No
Product:Mac OSX Product Version:10.13
Classification:1 Reproducible:
Process' file descriptor table slot is being leaked.

First Reported here -

Steps to Reproduce:
message "Too many open files in system" converted to "Too many open files" got me curious and I believe this is bug. It led me to -

function falloc_withalloc_locked()
static int
falloc_withalloc_locked(proc_t p, struct fileproc **resultfp, int *resultfd,
	vfs_context_t ctx, fp_allocfn_t fp_zalloc, void *crarg,
	int locked) 
	if ( (error = fdalloc(p, 0, &nfd)) ) {
		if (!locked)
		return (error);

	if (nfiles >= maxfiles) {
		if (!locked)
		return (ENFILE);

Change of message from "Too many open files in system" to "Too many open files" is manifestation of a bug in the form of resource leak ( process's file descriptor table slot is being leaked here) -
Call to fdalloc(p, 0, &nfd) checks that if the process is opening more than the number of files it can open and reserve a slot in the file-descriptor table which is returned via nfd.

If "(nfiles >= maxfiles) " fails then is not un-reserving that slot. That way here is the resource leak.
If these two if conditions are swapped then it solves this problem.


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