File actions are cumbersome in Files app and UIDocumentBrowserViewController

Number:rdar://36155056 Date Originated:20-Dec-2017 10:45 pm
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:iOS + SDK Product Version:11.2
Classification:UI/Usability Reproducible:Always
When long pressing on a file in the Files app or UIDocumentBrowserViewController, these 8 options are available using the editing menu:

Copy Duplicate Rename Move Delete Share Tags Info

On iPhone SE (the only iPhone I find comfortable to use) these are spread over three pages. Each item is small and hard to tap. The arrows to change page in the menu are even smaller. if you mis-tap it goes straight through to the view underneath and probably opens a document.

On iPad there is lots of space available so at least all the items fit on one screen, but it’s still all rather cramped and hard to quickly find the one you want.

Apps using UIDocumentBrowserViewController can add additional items here. In PDF Viewer, we add Export and Print. As they go onto a second or third page, these items are very well hidden on iPhone.

Steps to Reproduce:
Try to use the Files app to quickly do various actions on single files.

Expected Results:
Should be easy and comfortable to power through doing lots of things with files.

Actual Results:
You have to slow way down and tap very carefully, sometimes several time to get to the right page of menu items.


Maybe you tried it already but I would have thought a vertical list in a popover might work well. Similar to the top part of the ••• menu in Pages. This allows things like icons and grouping too to aid recognition.


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