EXIF Tag Error in GPS

Number:rdar://36197367 Date Originated:12/22/2017
Status:open Resolved:
Product:Photos Framework Product Version:iOS 11
Classification: Reproducible:always
Summary: iPhone cameras record EXIF data with GPS tag "GPSSpeedRef" = K which according to the EXIF Standards documentation means the speed value is in KPH (kilometers per Hour).  However, the data value recorded in the GPS Field "GPSSpeed"  is actually saved in mps (Meters per Second).  This breaks the document standards and would therefore require special casing Apple Hardware when writing photo analysis software

Steps to Reproduce:
Take a picture with an iPhone while on a moving platform and then examine the EXIF tags for that photo. For example, Take a picture from a jet aircraft

Expected Results:
GPSSpeed tag should equal (540 miles per hour or) 870 KPH

Actual Results: GPSSpeed  tag =240  (which is indeed the expected speed in mps)


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