PHImageManager requestLivePhotoForAsset with PHImageRequestOptionsVersionOriginal returns the edited version

Number:rdar://36346139 Date Originated:1/8/2018
Status:open Resolved:
Product:iOS SDK / Photos Framework Product Version:11.2.1
Classification:Bug Reproducible:Always
I am trying to retrieve the original version of an edited live photo from the Photo LIbrary.
To do so, I am calling the code below.
I tried different combination of targetSize / contentMode / deliveryMode and PHLivePhotoRequestOptions.version but nothing change: PHImageManager always returns the edited version.

For the same photo, calling PHImageManager.requestImageForAsset with PHImageRequestOptions.version set to PHImageRequestOptionsVersionUnadjusted or PHImageRequestOptionsVersionOriginal returns the original version.

The project attached is a simple app that will display the last edited live photos taken on a device by taping on the button 'loadImages'.

- (PHLivePhotoRequestID)retrieveLivePhotoFromAsset:(PHAsset *)asset  
                                 completionHandler:(void (^)(PHLivePhoto * _Nullable livePhoto))completionHandler {  
    PHImageManager *imageManager = [PHImageManager defaultManager];  
    PHLivePhotoRequestOptions *livePhotoRequestOption = [[PHLivePhotoRequestOptions alloc] init];  
    livePhotoRequestOption.deliveryMode = PHImageRequestOptionsDeliveryModeOpportunistic;  
    livePhotoRequestOption.networkAccessAllowed = NO;  
    if (asset.sncr_edited == YES) {  
        livePhotoRequestOption.version = PHImageRequestOptionsVersionOriginal;  
    return [imageManager requestLivePhotoForAsset:asset  
                                    resultHandler:^(PHLivePhoto * _Nullable livePhoto, NSDictionary * _Nullable statusInformation) {  

Steps to Reproduce:
- take a picture with 'Live Photo' turned ON,
- edit that picture in the Photo Application
- in the code, call "requestLivePhotoForAsset" with livePhotoRequestOption.version = PHImageRequestOptionsVersionOriginal; 
- display the asset retrieved on screen

Expected Results:
The original version of the live photo is displayed

Actual Results:
The edited version of the live photo is displayed

iOS 11.2.1 (15C153)

iPhone 7+


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