Vertically centered views in LaunchScreen are squashed in iOS 11.2

Number:rdar://36542165 Date Originated:16/01/2018
Status: Resolved:
Product:iOS + SDK Product Version:11.2
Classification: Reproducible:always
LaunchScreen is clipped when "double height" status bar is on

Steps to Reproduce:

Create new "Single view iOS app", open LaunchScreen.storyboard, put UIView, set background color to pink and add constraints: "height: 50pt", "width: 50pt", "centre horizontally in container", "centre vertically in container". Run the app in Simulator with double height status bar (menu item "Hardware"->"Toggle In-call Status Bar").

See sample app:
See video showing the issue in iOS 11.2:
Works fine in iOS 10.3.1:

Expected Results:

You should see a pink square in the middle of the screen
Actual Results:

The pink view is rectangular, squashed vertically.
iOS 11.2; Same in iOS 11.1. This is a regression from iOS 10.3.1. Happens both in Simulator and on the device.



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