Show a login prompt when developers are logged out of the developer forums

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Apple always recommends checking the developer forums as a good source of information. Thankfully its forum posts are also indexed by google so developers often see discussions as results in google along side other tutorials, StackOverflow posts, etc. However even though the thread summaries are visible in Google's search results, clicking on the link to the thread usually lands one on a cryptic fake error page that causes many to think the link is dead/broken or that the developer forums themselves are down when really the developer just needs to log in.

Only problem is that there is no log in button on this page!! So one must type in, login, and somehow re-navigate back to that link. At this point many developers have given up and copy pasta'd Stack Overflow answers into their projects or have simply learned to ignore developer forum links. No bueno.

What's the fix?

Eliminate the fake error page and instead present the developer with a login page!… or say that the content is restricted and that the developer will need to login (with a link to the login page) that redirects to the forum thread after successful login. 

Everyone wins!


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