NSRegularExpression: Extend named capture group support

Number:rdar://36612942 Date Originated:18-Jan.-2018 10:55 AM
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Product:iOS + SDK Product Version:11.2
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iOS 11 introduced named capture support using the -[NSTextCheckingResult rangeWithName:] API, thanks for that.

It would be useful to extract all named capture group matches in a dictionary. I wrote this as an extension on NSString (https://stackoverflow.com/a/48309290/235297) but the code is a bit ugly because there's no API to find out the list of named capture groups. I assume this information is already available internally so please provide one add this readonly property on NSTextCheckingResult:

var namedCaptureGroups: [String : String]? { get }
Returns a dictionary with all matching named capture groups and their matched values.

Alternatively, the `components` property could be changed to a ` [String : String]?` type so it can return arbitrary string keys in the dictionary, not only the predefined NSTextCheckingKey constants.

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