NSPredicateEditor + separator menu item = crash

Number:rdar://36632399 Date Originated:18-Jan-2018 03:50 PM
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:Developer Tools Product Version:Xcode Version 9.2 (9C40b) / macOS 10.12.6 (16G1114)
Classification:Crash/Hang/Data Loss Reproducible:Always
Dear Xcoderinos,

Would you like to crash Xcode? I will tell you how.

First, create a new project using the Cocoa App template. Turn on “Use Storyboards”.

Then, open Main.storyboard.

Drag a Predicate Editor into the View Controller Scene.

From Xcode’s main menu bar, choose View > Utilities > Show Attributes Inspector.

In the document outline, open the second Predicate Editor Row Template. Click on its first Menu.

The menu opens at an apparently random location in the canvas view. Find it.

Drag a Separator Menu Item from the Object library to that menu.

Click on the second Predicate Editor Row Template in the document outline again.

Congratulations! Xcode has crashed.


Steps to Reproduce:
1. Do that stuff I described.

Expected Results:
A separator in the menu, or maybe an NSBeep.

Actual Results:

Xcode Version 9.2 (9C40b) / macOS 10.12.6 (16G1114)



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