ER: Remotely add a pass to the user's pass library

Number:rdar://36665448 Date Originated:1/19/2018
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I'd like a web service call that I, as a pass provider, could use to directly insert/update a pass in the user's pass library.

I'd need API on PKPassLibrary to get an authorization token for the user (and this would only work if the user has an iCloud account enabled), but with this authorization token, I could make a server-to-server call with a pkpass payload that inserts or updates the pass in the library that has the same type identifier + pass serial.

As an example of how this could be used, if I buy a movie ticket on, Fandango could use this API to automatically insert my tickets in to my pass library. Ditto for purchasing plane tickets, event tickets, signing up for store accounts, etc.

This could really expand the scope of the pass system and make it a lot more user-friendly.


From Engineering:

"Anyone can add passes to Wallet with the entitlements, and webservice-backed passes can be updated on demand by the creator if the user has Automatic Updates on.

We’re purposefully preventing arbitrary insertion of passes from external sources for various reasons, including privacy..."

By davedelong at Jan. 31, 2018, 10:47 p.m. (reply...)

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