ER: System control strip button for fiddling with display mirroring, etc

Number:rdar://36670890 Date Originated:1/19/2018
Status:open Resolved:
Product:Keyboards, mice and trackpads Product Version:
Classification:Enhancement Request Reproducible:
I frequently change the display preferences on my laptop as I dock and undock it from my TB3 dock on my desk. Sometimes I'll enable or disable mirroring, depending on whether I'm using my external monitor for my Mac or my gaming PC.

It's annoying to have to go in to System Preferences > Displays > Arrangement every time in order to fiddle with mirroring and resolution options.

I would really love it if, when an external display is detected by the OS, the system control strip in the Touch Bar grew a new button that expanded in to mirroring and resolution controls. I know that I can do ⌘F1 in order to toggle mirroring, but 1) that is hard to do with a touch bar and 2) that doesn't let me change the resolution.

(This is filed under Keyboards, because I looked everywhere in the "Customize Control Strip" preferences in System Preferences > Keyboards and didn't see anything about this)


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