Popup for rule editing gets smaller each time it's opened

Number:rdar://36768882 Date Originated:January 23 2018
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:Mail Product Version:Version 11.2 (3445.5.20)
Classification:Bug Reproducible:Yes
When editing rules through the Preferences, a popup/popover opens. Each time this popup is opened, the height decreases with 1 pixel and the "Perform actions" part gets unusable small.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Open Preferences
2. Select a rule
3. Click Edit
4. Click Cancel
5. Notice the height of the popup
6. Go to step 2 (repeat e.g. 10 times)

Expected Results:
7. Height of the popup should be the same every time

Actual Results:
7. Height op the popup decreases to a point where it becomes unusable

Version 11.2 (3445.5.20)



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