ER: -[NSAttributedString initWithFormat:]

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Let’s say you have the string:

*John Doe* and *1 other* liked this

The stuff inside the asterisks should be bolded when shown in a label.

Ideally, when you’re putting this sort of thing in a strings file, you’d have something like:

“NAME_AND_OTHERS_LIKED” = “%@ and %@ liked this”;

Unfortunately, this sort of string doesn’t play nicely with formatting. I can substitute in the values  (“John Doe” and “1 other”), but there’s no way to know which sub ranges to bold on the attributed string without re-finding those strings, which isn’t totally reliable (because the substituted-in string may appear multiple times, and I can’t reliably infer that it should always be the first one, for example, because the rules of a particular language may enforce a different order).

What would be nice is if I could do (pseudocode):

NSAttributedString *name = @“John Doe” + bold style;
NSAttributedString *others = @“1 other” + bold style;
NSString *format = NSLocalizedString(“NAME_AND_OTHERS_LIKED”);
NSAttributedString *final = [[NSAttributedString alloc] initWithFormat:format, name, others];

I’d also like to be able to use another attributed string as the format, so I can have some pre-applied styles and then substitute in some otherly-styled text.


Duplicate of #12703541

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