PHLivePhoto request fails to load live-photos with effects (all of them "Loop", "Bounce", etc) from not gallery storage
Number:rdar://36977344 Date Originated:January 29 2018, 3:26 PM
Status:closed Resolved:yes
Product:iOS Product Version:11.2.2 (15C202)
Classification: Reproducible:Always
PHLivePhoto request fails to load live-photos with effects (not with default("Live")) from external storages as internal iDevice memory (App's Documents for example), remote server and even from App's bundle.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Take a live-phone
2. Apply any effect you'd like to it
3. Export this live-photo to external storage or remote server
4. Try to load transferred file by function

func request(withResourceFileURLs fileURLs: [URL], placeholderImage image: UIImage?, targetSize: CGSize, contentMode: PHImageContentMode, resultHandler: @escaping (PHLivePhoto?, [AnyHashable : Any]) -> Swift.Void) -> PHLivePhotoRequestID

5. Observe error, you will see

Error: Invalid video metadata
[AnyHashable("PHLivePhotoInfoErrorKey"): Error Domain=NSCocoaErrorDomain Code=-1 "(null)", AnyHashable("PHLivePhotoInfoCancelledKey"): 0]

Note: for the just live-photos it works great.

=============== Answer ==================

PHLivePhoto is meant to represent a photo/video pair. It is displayed in a PHLivePhotoView and can be played by touching it.   A Bounce or Loop is not a Live Photo and is not intended to be displayed as a PHLivePhoto in a PHLivePhotoView. The video should simply be displayed and looped.


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