Sharing data via App groups broken for Network Extension

Number:rdar://37309638 Date Originated:February 7 2018
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Classification: Reproducible:iOS 11
Goal is to create a Network Extension. Data Provider checks for rules, if the rule doesn't exist, it passes that URL to be handled by Control Provider. Issues :

1. URL in Control Provider only contains domain and not the full URL.
2. For the 1st issue, I am using App Groups where I set the URL in Data Provider which will be fetched eventually by Control Provider. This was working fine in iOS 10. But since iOS 11, this is breaking. If I set something in Data Provider, it is not being fetched in Control Provider. 

Steps to Reproduce:
- Create a network extension with NEFilterDataProvider and NEFilterControlProvider
- Set proper entitlements for App Groups
- Set some value in Data Provider in handleNewFlow function, Eg. 
[defaults setObject:@"MyText" forKey:@"MyKey"]
- Try to access this value in Control Provider in handleNewFlow functions, Eg.
NSString* myText = [defaults objectForKey:@"MyKey"]
- myText is nil

Expected Results:
myText var should have the value set in Data Provider

Actual Results:
myText is nil

iOS 11.2.5

iPhone 6


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