iPhone Storage: ZeroKB of ZeroKB Used

Number:rdar://37378477 Date Originated:2018/2/8
Status:open Resolved:
Product:iOS Product Version:11.2.5
Classification:bug Reproducible:100%
on iOS 11 if you navigate settings -> general -> iPhone Storage you often see "ZeroKB of ZeroKB" before the total storage has been calculated.

Steps to Reproduce:

from settings->general, load "iPhone Storage". If data is cached (you see actual usage numbers) go back one screen ("general") then "iPhone Storage". You generally have to do this twice to get a full re-fresh calculation of all storage during this bug exhibits.

Expected Results:

A loading state of "calculating" instead of "ZeroKB of ZeroKB"

Actual Results:

"ZeroKB of ZeroKB Used" shows as a loading state.


iOS 11.2.5(15D60) (and many previous iOS versions) 


iPhone 6S with 63 of 64G used (so it takes some time to calculate usage)


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