Allow developers to provide additional info for UIAlert displayed when using with tel: url

Number:rdar://37508782 Date Originated:02/13/2018
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Product:iOS + SDK Product Version:10.3 and later
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In our app (Talkroute), we allow users to make and receive phone calls for phone numbers that they have purchased through our service. In order to place calls in our app, we connect the user to their alternative phone number by calling it with by way of with a URL that contains "tel:" and then the alternative phone number.

Since iOS 10.3 we have had users opening support tickets with us because the new prompt to confirm that they would like to make a call uses their own phone number. This confuses users daily because they do not (and should not need to) know how the phone calls are connected behind the scenes.

Our suggestion is based on what we have seen others discuss and what we believe would work more intuitively for our users.

- Update the API to include allowing developers to provide additional information to be displayed in the UIAlert to better inform the user of why they are seeing a UIAlert

The Google Voice app will display its own UIAlert before the UIAlert from is shown, this seems redundant though and just wastes the users time by showing them multiple UIAlerts.


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